Welcome to Magnetic Healing Systems

written by: Maria Valdivia

Maria Valdivia - BioMagnetic TherapyMagnetic Healing System, the first office of its kind, that introduced In USA, in 2007, the experience of Biomagnetism [Biomagnetismo], a new Health Science Integral, created by the famous Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran M.D., in Mexico.

On this site, you’ll find detailed information for those seeking to know more about Biomagnetism and for those who are looking for the answer on how to get extraordinary improvements in their symptoms and signs when it comes to incurable, chronic diseases, unknown syndromes and consider alternative medicine can be a viable path for them, Magnetic Healing System is an option that is changing the way to see diseases. Biomagnetism is widely supported by two major universities with School of Medicine as they are, the National University of Loja in Ecuador (founded in 1859) and the Autonomous University of Chapingo in Mexico (founded in 1854).

Biomagnetism is more than a project, in many Latin American countries and Europe, more than a million people have received these treatments that is already in hospitals and private clinics, which have incorporated this system, dramatically changing the rotation of their patients' conditions. Magnetic Healing System is one hundred percent safe technique. It is painless, without experiencing any discomfort during or after the sessions and does not interfere with most medical treatments or medicines. It is external use, perform with the self clothing and shoes on, with no invasion of corporal privacy and where no one even touches the person, making it an extremely clean technique exempt from any manipulation, using anything else than small, natural, low intensity magnets.

These magnets, positioned in a specific way for each person, can destroy the life cycle of microorganism such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc., without damaging surrounding tissue. Once people are free of microorganism that cause disease and its toxins that poison the body with its metabolic waste, Magnetic Healing System can balance with this method, the internal electrical imbalances that produce all kinds of disturbances in behavior, such as, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, negativity, frustration, lack of will, etc., which thanks to this new science, is understood to magnetic fields (The Biomagnetic Pair) that affect our organs, making them more fragile and prone to disease and consequently unbalancing our moral and spiritual integrity.

Magnetic Healing System, helps you get back, that happiness and ability to enjoy daily life, we used to have, in a natural way, avoiding dependence on artificial methods. Magnetic healing System, highly recommend that people who are considering alternative medicine treatments, perform all necessary medical studies, in order to obtain a formal medical diagnosis. The best health decisions, are those with the maximum of relevant information.